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ARPEDAC is a non-profit association involved in research, development, dissemination and exploitation of technologies, products, and services related to energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Economic Community of Central Africa (ECCAS; in French: CEEAC).

Our mission is to reduce energy poverty and improve the quality of life by building capacity and raising awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and supporting the use of efficient, sustainable, safe and affordable energy technologies and services which are appropriate to meet the needs of industries, communities and environment of today and the future.

ARPEDAC is also seeking to play the leading roles in consolidating practical partnership in the ECCAS between academe, government, and industry to bring about sustainable future and develop effective clean solutions for the sake of ourselves and our planet while eradicating energy poverty in the region.

“AFRICA NEEDS EFFICIENT, SUSTAINABLE, SAFE AND AFFORDABLE ENERGY: We have an enormous responsibility, and we must never forget that. The ability of people in Africa to build their economies, to educate their children, to build hospitals, to reduce poverty and improve their quality of life, and to run their businesses, all depends on sustainable energy.”   Dr. Blaise Mempouo, President /Founder of ARPEDAC

  • Our Work…

    At ARPEDAC we are dedicated to supporting Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) business owners to enter new markets and grow their business in the eleven (11) countries of the Central Africa Region.

    ARPEDAC endeavours to achieve the right regulatory framework for RE and EE to deliver an increasing contribution to the Central Africa region's energy mixte including energy efficiency needs and renewable electricity, heating, cooling, and sustainable agriculture, buildings, cities, villages, and transports needs. We want to realise the potential of the RE and EE industry, allow this sector to deliver energy security and sustainable economic growth of the region – while also combating fuel poverty and climate change.

    ARPEDAC is also playing the leading roles in consolidating practical partnership between businesses /stakeholders including civil societies, academes, governments and industries to bring about sustainable future in the Central Africa region.

  • What We Do

    Research/Technical Assistance and Consultancy

    Instead of seeing research in the academic terms, where the key output would be a book or a paper, ARPEDAC perceives research as an opportunity, which the success enables initiatives that makes a real difference to people’s lives. Research also helps our advocacy work.

    In the view to provide appropriate advice, support and technical assistance to reduce energy poverty and to effectively help remove the barriers currently faced by RE and EE industry. ARPEDAC undertakes research in collaboration with businesses /stakeholders to support our claims, and contribute supporting policies and strategies development. Research also enables ARPEDAC to think ahead and to indentify issues of concern to stakeholders including businesses and poor communities in the Central Africa region.

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